Interactive Editor for Python

IEP is a cross-platform Python IDE aimed at interactivity and introspection. Its practical design is aimed at simplicity and efficiency. IEP consists of an editor, a shell, and a set of tools to help the programmer in various ways.

IEP v3.6 is out!

Key features

  • Powerful introspection
  • Various ways to run code interactively or to run a file as a script.
  • Shells run in a subprocess and can therefore be interrupted or killed.
  • Multiple shells can be used at the same time, and can be of different Python versions (from v2.4 to 3.x, including pypy)
  • Support for using several GUI toolkits interactively: PySide, PyQt4, wx, fltk, GTK, Tk.
  • Magic commands similar to IPython.
  • Matlab-style cell notation to mark code sections (by starting a line with ##).


These testimonials about the IDE were selected from the IEP discussion group.

It’s performing beautifully, the UI is very intuitive and stylish (to my eyes anyway). It’s about as efficient and powerful as WingIDE, but has significantly fewer UI surprises and crashes compared to WingIDE. It’s UI is simpler and cleaner, while still getting it done. This is a very impressive app, on OSX close to alpha dog status (I’ve used ALL the OSX alternatives). — Ken

I have configured 4 GUIs (PySide, Tk, PyQt4 and wxPython) for 2 Pythons (2.7.5 and your 3.3.0) and all are working well. Unbelievable. — Tovim

This is a great program for those of us on OSX. I do not know of another IDE that works this well. — Jack

For quite a while now I’ve been looking for a way to switch from Matlab to Python. The last remaining problem was a lack of descent IDE for interactive work. I do a lot of short calculations, so a ‘cell’ execution mode is crucial for me. Thanks again for a great project! — Jev

This is fantastic IDE - exactly what I was looking for! — Matt

I don’t even remember how I found IEP, so confused and desperate I was testing [all available IDE’s] I could find. Installed it, and 10 minutes later I was coding, connecting with a glade created user interface, and everything is running so well. I ain’t gonna change now. IEP is my choice. Thank you very much, and keep up this amazing work. — Jose

Thank you for a great Python IDE. — Stan

What I like especially of iep is the plain and simple design of the UI (a Qt feature :) while providing really powerful functionality. Please, keep this project running. — Hans

This is EXACTLY the python IDE I have been waiting for, even though I didn’t know it. Excellent job! — Jaap